🥐Breakfast For Life 🥐

Ten voordele van fonds emilie leus

🔥Music for life 2019🔥


This year it won’t be "Croques For Life ” but


The event will take place on 12/12/19 from 8 am -10 am in our kitchen at work (Teamleader).

We ask a minimum amount of €15.

You can invite friends/family or others whom you want to join. Spread the word! 🙏

If you can't make it, you can always deposit a voluntary contribution. All the profit of the event is donated to the Emilie Leus Fund. This foundation raises awareness to avoid driving under the influence.

We will make sure everything is there for a wonderful breakfast, we only need you to make this a succes. ✨

If you want to be a part of this story, you should subscribe via this form so we have an idea of how many eggs our chicken needs to produce. 🐓

Lovely greetings,

The breakfast team


Siel, Femke and Iza

Waarom dit goed doel?

Omdat het jammer genoeg nog steeds nodig is.

fonds emilie leus

via het fonds opgericht ter ere van onze dochter emilie proberen we verkeersslachtoffers te ondersteunen ; tevens doen we aan verkeerspreventie met bv plaatsen van alcoscans in parkings en andere openbare plaatsen waar men zichzelf vrijblijvend kan controleren op 'alcohol en rijden' ... dat botst'

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